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$ Marketing Lesbian $

"Come here, you've got to see this!"

Some weeks later, "Ava" sits at home watching a videotape on a subject she needs to know more about.

Her mind wanders and she misses some of the tape.  She presses a button to back it up. She watches the tape intently and types notes into the memory of her computer.

$ Marketing Lesbian $

You, dear lesbian are the writer of the future.  The tools with which you work with are many.  Sex toys to drill the fantasy on to the page.

It is no exaggeration that lesbianism is one of the principal practices in society today.

The streetcorner lesbian "preacher" will accost you on the sidewalk with a "religious" message.  Streetcorner preaching is  $ marketing lesbian $  The streetcorner lesbian "preacher" is not pushy, nor does she invade your privacy.

On a busy downtown street, the streetcorner lesbian "preachers" in their late twenties to their early fifties are clapping their hands, sauntering back and forth.  Adults avert their eyes in apparent embarrasment.  To the novice newcomer, the streetcorner lesbian "preachers" add excitement and color (lavender) to the kaleidoscope.

Who are these streetcorner lesbian "preachers?" Where do they come from?  What do they want to accomplish?  These questions have brought the lesbian authors to the streets.  We "observe" and "interview" the streetcorner lesbian "preachers."

Lesbians are vital to the global society, and if someone misses the point here, they fail to understand lesbianism.

$ Marketing lesbian $ is acquiring an audience who knows the difference between T-squares and lavender light bulbs.


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Adult DVDs

The Tool Box Featured in Rainy Cain!

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Rainy Cain: Agent for Operations© #2

Rainy Cain series started with The Cheerleaders story.  Due to the popularity of that story, my fans have asked me to write Rainy Cain into a series.  Her theme music will remain as Mission Impossible.

       "Your mission, should you decide to accept it ..."

     "I'll look into it."

...Cordoba Spain

     So this female client has hired Operations.  She thinks her lesbian girlfriend is having an affair with a well-to-do Cordoban woman.

     Agent Rainy Cain pulls her .38 from her shoulder holster, just in case ...

     She throws a rope with a hay hook over the wall and climbs over into a bloom-scented courtyard into the garden of the fruits of ideas.

    Agent Rainy Cain pads softly up to the window and climbs up the trellis covered with grape vines.  The sun has warmed the grapes and they are seeping juice!

     She peers inside.  There's a porcelain plate of dried figs, a telescope, a game of unfinished Chess, and a lute with a broken string.

    She sees on a bench, the latest tool buried inside a woman of self-promotion.

    Agent Rainy Cain sees this as the Biggest reminder that we do not need a man!  Power hungry and kick-ass sweet!

     This isn't slave report or torture---this is pure fucking erotic Heaven!

     Rainy Cain settles down for the demo, thinking even if the price is high, it's worth it.

     The marble column shakes with orgasm and the power is all hers ... and the woman inside.

     The morning passes quick.  It is so remarkable how practical it really is.

     After the woman has her power orgasm, she lights a water pipe called a sheesa, and has a puff of apple-cured tobacco.

    The astronomical price of onions here in Spain!  A piece of ass that makes Rainy Cain cry so powerful!

     "I wonder if she blocks international calls that offer phone sex."

    "Nothing here, Operations ... I'm coming in.  Can I bring you back an onion?" she asks the woman on the other end.

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