TAROT BY SAGEŠ is a divination and empowerment system for feminists and lesbians, leading women on a journey through a 28-card deck with text captions that reveal each meaning ♥ ♠ ♣ ♦
TAROT BY SAGEŠ consists of 28 cards, one for each of the 28 ribs of the buffalo, and also a sacred number analogous to the 28-day lunar calendar which marks the menstrual cycle, a very dynamic time of the month for women's emotions to surge, a time when she is closest to her spiritual world.
Sage's illustrations fluently take women on a spiritual journey of myths, legends, and psychologies unique and applicable to lesbians.
The name of each of the cards that she has chosen are suggestive of Southwestern desert themes. Native American, and other cultures.
Through the shades of the soft pastels, Sage's designs are intended for women of all races, feminists, and lesbians to examine their lives.  TAROT BY SAGEŠ is the tarot that brings women together over coffee-table conversation.
The cards are meant to stimulate the imagination and will have different meanings to different women, each who will interpret them through metaphor for her personal improvement, spiritual healing, and sexuality.  The inner meanings of the cards provide insight through six categories; MEDITATION, BEWARE, HIDDEN STRENGTH, HIDDEN WEAKNESS, SLANT, and POWER.
TAROT BY SAGEŠ is illustrated by Sage Sweetwater from her novel BLUE CORN WOMAN which Sage released in December 2007 on her publishing list of lesbian Western pulp fiction dime-store novels. The cards are in order on these pages as the scenes appear in the novel, so when you are viewing these tarot cards, you are also seeing the plot lines of BLUE CORN WOMAN.

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MEDITATION: Changing form with pestle and mortar psychology.
BEWARE: Beware of destructive lightning, but embrace constructive lightning.  There is a striking difference.  Not all lightning is created equal.
HIDDEN STRENGTH: Accepting of others' disabilities and handicaps.
HIDDEN WEAKNESS: Torn between the ancestral values of sexuality and the modern-day attraction of lesbianism.  Powder your sexuality into a softer form by using a pestle and mortar.
SLANT: This card started out in the cradleboard, growing into the proud, wholesome woman she is by observing rituals where spiritual life is inseparable from daily routine.
POWER: Blue corn.  Pestle and mortar.


MEDITATION: Transference of the mind.  Communication with spirit guides.
BEWARE: Beware of poison-baited visions.  The wolves have been tricked and poisoned by cyanide traps.
HIDDEN STRENGTH: Ability to enjoy productive dreams.
HIDDEN WEAKNESS: Dosing too regularly of life's pleasures.  Becoming addicted without spiritual purpose.  Practice the discipline of taking only what is needed. (moderation).
SLANT:  This card is of this world and the other world.  You have the choice to leave temporarily.
POWER: The cactus spirit makes its acquaintance through saguaro wine and peyote tea.


MEDITATION: Carved feminist spirituality, focusing on old-world simplicity.
BEWARE: Beware of wayward dolls.  They have an insincere tendency.
HIDDEN STRENGTH: Self-employment, quite successful at carving out a niche, allowing financial stability through wise investments.
HIDDEN WEAKNESS: Taken in by false faces.  Don't be deceived by masks.  Study the female ego, and discover their truths behind their masks.
SLANT: This card dances beneath the turquoise sky, focusing on travel guides, the atlas and maps.
POWER: Travel.  Most omnipotent at Four Corners where the states of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico converge.  Consider a road trip to Four Corners.  Kachina dolls.


MEDITATION: The rhythm of deposit and security.  Compensating gain.
BEWARE: Beware of con artists.
HIDDEN STRENGTH: Knowing genuine from counterfeit.
HIDDEN WEAKNESS: Loaning money to those who don't budget anything for tomorrow.  Quit loaning money to those not in a financial struggle.  There is a difference.
SLANT: This card is a family heirloom that will stay in the display case.
POWER: Trading post.  Look for the bead counter.


MEDITATION: Locating the spiritual pulse.
BEWARE: Beware of finding skeletons.  Hidden secrets outweigh the treasures.
HIDDEN STRENGTH: A sixth sense aligns here, with the ability to tap into psychic energy.
HIDDEN WEAKNESS: Denial, buried desire.  Acknowledge sexual feeling.  Climb a tree and look for a forked branch in the shape of the perfect Y, where the modern day attraction of lesbianism fuses.
SLANT: This card uses primitive wisdom to read the landscape.
POWER: Forked stick, and if you can find an aviatrix who flies trinkets, touch down with her.  Check your small county airport.


MEDITATION: Coming to terms with the unknown; mirages, muses, avatars, and phantom brides.
BEWARE: Beware of drawing the curtains, stopping the clocks, and hushed tones where it is certain the word Death is avoided.  If something needs to die today, face it with logic so something new can be born tomorrow.
HIDDEN STRENGTH: Independent thinker.  Always having an Ace tucked up your sleeve for plan B.
HIDDEN WEAKNESS: Avoiding and warding off certain things not understood.  Don't allow superstition to influence thinking and actions.  Check into a hotel on Friday the 13th, and request Room 13.  Sometimes Room 13 is missing, or is discreetly numbered 12A.
SLANT: This card is a museum of old superstitions, and on the other side of slant, has a strong hold on the belief of personal magick.
POWER: Superstition Mountains in Arizona where superstition reaches its peak.


MEDITATION: Channeling communication through scent.
BEWARE: Beware of outsiders encroaching on your territory.  Traveling in groups with others of the same scent wards off predators.
HIDDEN STRENGTH: Sniff intuition, especially through the scent of musk.
HIDDEN WEAKNESS: Obsessive craving.  Wandering endlessly to satisfy hunger.  Stomach the long haul.  Go the distance and your appetite will be satisfied.
SLANT:  This card, through the sense of smell, asserts dominance.
POWER: Aromatherapy.  Releasing pheromones through sweat glands.


MEDITATION: Crossing boundaries by free will, letting conscience be your guide.
BEWARE: Beware of the pitchfork.  Disguised cleverly as red-hot tail, the pitchfork consistently brands women who leave green pastures for greener pastures.  Also beware of losing the boundaries of your own personality.
HIDDEN STRENGTH: Playing guitar, writing poetry, and sweeping sand floors, unconcerned with modern settlement.
HIDDEN WEAKNESS: Fenced by the Devil's rope (barbed wire).  Hesitant to break down the boundaries to merge so that some other force may take place.  Relinquish the sense of the self.
SLANT: This card is especially appealing to cowgirls.  Temptation rides!
POWER: The game of dominoes and a good, old-fashioned roll in the hay.


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